Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bike trip along the Seine river in Fontainebleau forest

This weekend, we followed a suggestion on the Transilien website for a bike trip: in the Fontainebleau forest.  We took the train from Paris to the south-east limit of the forest (Moret Veneux-les-Sablons) and biked along the Seine river up to the northern limit of the forest (Melun). In total we may have done about 43 km today, but the main ride was about 25km.

BoD recently acquired a phone mount for the handlebars of his bike, and used an Android app called CycleDroid to track our movement.   The data recorded by his phone with this app was almost identical to the data recorded by my Garmin GPS.  This is the path we took:

As we went through Blois-le-Roi, we discovered the Base des Loisirs, which had a beach filled with sunbathers and people enjoying a dip in the water.

Here are a few of the photos we took today.  You can see all the photos from today's trip in the gallery.

At the beach in Blois-le-Roi
Map check 
BoD cloned himself for extra horsepower 
Panorama of the Seine river near La Rochette 
Wheat fields 

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  1. Nice ride.
    Funny Benoit's multiplication. Do you mean that if you put in front of the camera a 100 euros bill, you get yourself 500??? Good deal. I may buy a camera like that one.
    Looks like a very pleasant ride.
    Thanks for the information and pictures, sweetie.
    Love you