Sunday, June 1, 2014

Brittany Rain Tour 2014 - Day 9

This morning, during breakfast at the hotel, I took a picture of my orange juice. Why? Well, I've noticed that in all the hotels where I've had breakfast, it's always a self serve buffet, and the plates and glasses are abnormally small, in some cases ridiculously small. I'm sure it's a psychological trick to make you take less food. It doesn't work on me though. If I know I'm going to be cycling for 4 or 6 hours, I eat accordingly. :-) But today,the glass for the orange juice was almost as small as a shot glass,so I had to take a picture. I think I got up to refill it five times. 

Today I visited the Mont Saint Michel. I was able to bike up to a parking lot which is about a 40 minute walk to the island, and leave my bags in a locker while I visited the site.

My first impression was that there wasn't much there besides restaurants and cheap souvenir shops. I had lunch in one of the restaurants there: I ordered moules frites. Afterwards, I bought a galette Bretonne from one of the shops: a huge cookie. I also bought a pin of the Breton flag, which I've put on my backpack to remind me of this trip.

On the road today, I saw:

* sheep

* horses

* tour bikes parked with all their gear left on the bike (I think we're still not in Paris anymore, Toto) 

* A family cycling on the same path as I. 

* A group of bike tourists at the train station

* cow sculptures which were not scary at all

* road signs warning about cyclists

* absolutely no grocery store open when I had two hours to wait for the train and wanted to buy a snack to munch on. 

So, while today has been a sad end to my trip, the rest of the trip was a perfect cycling trip: beautiful scenery, great cycling weather, conversations with cows, a visit with co-workers, not too difficult routes and distances. On my paper map (which is now "done"), I see there are some long distance cycling routes running North /South. Maybe I'll come back to Brittany for another "Rain Tour" some day!


  1. Make sure you add Madame Cheval and Madame Mouton to the list. I would really love to go to Mount Saint Michel, and I would certainly order moules frites for lunch. What a nice place to end up, even if the grocery stores were all closed. I hope the transition back to work is not too painful.

    1. Getting back to work wasn't as hard as I thought, actually :) Plus, I'm happy I don't have to hand wash my socks and underwear anymore! And I have a full keyboard to type on. Ah, the niceties of civilization. :) But I do miss the cows already...