Saturday, June 8, 2013

Biking south east of Paris

Last week we took a 33km bike ride along the Seine south of Paris, and this week we had a shorter 15km stroll through Bois de Vincennes.

Today it was about 27°C/81°F.  Feels like summer already.  This is welcome after an extended winter this year.  In a couple of weeks, it will be officially summer!

The path we took to Choisy-le-Roi/Orly
Viewing the bridge over the Seine river, near Maisons-Alfort
The path we took to Bois de Vincennes
At the Vincennes castle

When we were on avenue Daumesnil, I recognized the road from a video we had taken back in 2006.  We redid the same video today, and the two videos, 7 years apart, can be seen side-by-side:

The photo galleries from last weekend and this weekend are here:
Last weekend: to Choisy-le-roi
This weekend: Bois de Vincennes.


  1. Hi, Carmen:
    I see you go on riding. Terrific.
    I miss these bike lanes. Here I must contend with traffic all the time.
    In Cantabria I have a very bad month of May, cold and rainy, but I still manage to take Mayi's bike and go around a few times. They have some nice bike roads there.
    You are really nice in that picture.
    Keep well, sweetie.
    Love you.

    1. What about taking some quieter streets? Juanita looks like a good alternative to Gladstone, for example. And Bennett might be quieter than Foothill (even though Foothill has a bike lane).

      How about this route? It's similar to the route you currently take, but on some smaller streets.

      There are lots of small streets in Glendora. You should be able to find a similar route if you don't like this one :)