Wednesday, May 13, 2015

La Loire à vélo : Day 3: Ancenis to Yseron

Today we probably cycled the least out of all the days on this tour so far, but it was the most tiring day. We said goodbye to the Loire river (for now) and headed south. We stopped to visit a zoo at La Boissière du Doré, where we spent the whole afternoon. Then we cycled over to Yseron, near Vallet, where we are spending the night in a castle. The roads were hilly, and there was a bit of traffic, but the weather was perfect. The path we took is here:

For dinner, we walked about 4 or 5 km to a pizzeria in Vallet, the closest city with restaurants. We found two geocaches on the route to the restaurant.

Tomorrow should be a nice and easy day: less than 15 km of riding planned,though the weather calls for rain!


  1. I'm sure having Benoit there is a nice change from your past tours. I like riding solo for lots of reasons, but having someone along who is sort of "in on the secret of things" is nice, too.

    1. I hope to recruit him for the next trip, whenever/wherever that may be :)