Thursday, May 14, 2015

La Loire à vélo: Day 4: Yseron to Clisson

Today we only cycled 14 km from Yseron to Clisson. This is the path:

Before heading out on the road, we had a little chat with the owner of the castle we stayed at. He detected a "slight accent" and asked where we were from. I'm used to hearing this, but this time he said that Benoit also had an accent. I guess he's been hanging around me too long :-) The castle owner mentioned that he used to work in California, on the high speed train project. Maybe one day it will become a reality :-)

We expected heavy rains, but fortunately only had a few drops. We spent the day visiting with some friends: playing board games and geocaching.  We found 10 geocaches today, which is the most we've ever found in one day. Geocaching is definitely easier with a  four person team than with just two people.


  1. Danger! Your secret identity has been compromised. Get out now, California girl.

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