Monday, May 26, 2014

Brittany Rain Tour 2014 - Day 3

Today's trip was from Morlaix to Lannion.

This morning the hotel employee who served me breakfast commented on the (unusually?) nice weather they've been having in Bretagne lately. He said tourists often come to Bretagne not expecting sun, and go home with a Brittany sunburn.

Well, today I didn't see a single drop of rain, but I don't think I've caught a Brittany sunburn :-) I did see what I consider some of the nicest scenery I've seen in France on my bike tours.

The roads I took today were quite hilly, but nothing I couldn't handle using the granny gear on my bike. Actually, that's not true: some hills were so steep, I just couldn't get my bike started from a stopped position, so I had to walk and push it up like a loser :-) Also, my bike sometimes didn't want to switch to the easiest gear. Fortunately, past Carmen helped me out here : she looked at YouTube videos a while ago on adjusting the derailleur (because she read somewhere that the derailleur requires periodic maintenance and didn't even know what it was), so present Carmen is now able to tinker with the right screws to solve this problem. It's nice when past Carmen helps out like that. I should send her a thank you note.

This evening I had dinner with a couple of co-workers who live in Lannion, Guillaume and Pierre. We had a lovely home cooked spaghetti bolognaise. For dessert we had a pommé, which was nothing like the "I'm sorry that's not a tartelette aux pommes that's a pommé" from Morlaix, but was delicious.

Guillaume also drove me and his son to the beach for a visit. I saw a couple of people brave enough to go in the cold water, but they were fully dressed... His son taught me a new phrase: when you want an ice cream, say "my stomach is hot". Maybe I'm just clueless for never having heard this before, but I thought that was cute.

Tomorrow it's supposed to rain finally. My name for this tour will finally made sense! The guys also told me that the highest point in Bretagne will be on my path tomorrow.

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