Thursday, May 29, 2014

Brittany Rain Tour 2014 - Jour 6

Today, I cycled about 39km from Saint Brieuc to Pléven. I saw rain forecast for the early afternoon, so I left "early" (around 9am) to beat the rain. I arrived at the hotel (which is actually a manor) just before noon, and dry.

Pléven is kind of in the middle of nowhere. For example, the nearest grocery store is about 8km away. For lunch, the hotel owner recommended a crêperie a couple of kilometers away. This restaurant is not on Google maps, the Yellow Pages, or my Garmin. But I followed the manor owner's advice and looked for directions to the Château de la Hunaudaye, which is next to the crêperie.  For lunch, I had a galette with ham, cheese, and mushrooms, and a strawberry jam crêpe for dessert. That was around 1pm.I felt completely stuffed after lunch, but it's only 6 hours later now, and I'm hungry again!
Dinner tonight will be exciting food I bought at a grocery store this morning : ham and cheese sandwich, banana, and a box of Figolu (for a change). I'm just too comfy in bed to go out into the cold wet weather again :-)

After lunch, just as it started to sprinkle, I visited the Château de la Hunaudaye, which currently has an exposition on "table manners from the middle ages to the 18th century." Maybe not the most intellectual topic, but an entertaining enough way to pass a couple of hours when it's sprinkling outside :-)

Today on the road, I saw:
* a flight of stairs I had to carry my bike up (thanks, Garmin)
* some more cows eyeing me suspiciously as I took their photo. Is my fear of cows irrational? They are surrounded by a barbed wire fence. If I get too close to them, can they get aggravated and storm through the fence? :-)
* a sign that said "beau soleil"
* two people who parked their bikes outside the grocery store without locking them up at all. (I don't think we're in Paris anymore, Toto)
* another cyclist who was on the same path as I was, for several kilometers. It was nice to have this company even though we didn't chat.

Backtracking a bit : I published yesterday's blog post from the Tijuana restaurant. After publishing it, the server brought the check to me, with a shot glass containing... 2 Krema Régal'ad candies (chewy fruit flavored candies). This is my second comfort food after Figolu, so I thought this was a very cool way to present the check. I didn't swallow the candies in one shot, though.


  1. There's something about a bike trip that makes you appreciate the small things: the company of another (though silent) rider along the route, a place to shelter from the rain, some unexpected candy with your lunch bill. I'm not saying these aren't worthy things, but they often go unnoticed in the midst of our normal lives.

    1. Yes, it's good to appreciate the little niceties like that :) I should try to do that on a daily basis, not just on bike trips!

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